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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jade's boys Crosby & Baxter


Crosby will be joining his mom soon, he is such a beautiful boy. He will be missing his brother for sure, but he still has Carly to harrass and play with. His new mom has been waiting a long long time for him and I have no doubt that she will agree he was definitely worth the wait.


Baxter went to his new home today, I know his new mom will be quite pleased with him, he is an absolute love and she has waited a long time for this day to come. We will definitely miss him but he isn't too far and we know this won't be the last time we see him. Jade was such an outstanding mother, we are so proud of her.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Pea!

Here is our Sweet Pea, we babysat her for a few days, she is the daughter of Sassy & Charlie and I think she looks adorable in her puppy cut. She was really enjoying herself in our backyard. She is an absolute sweetheart.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kayla's boy 5.5wks old!

This little guy has some gorgeous eyes. He is getting more active as the days progress, and yes, I will admit, I do get in the xpen with him and play, he loves it. He is very very alert, will watch what goes on around him as well when my others are running around playing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crosby & Baxter! Jade's boys



The boys love it outside, and we have had such beautiful weather. After they have been out in the fresh air they come in and crash. They are wonderful little boys.

Kayla;s Tanner 5 wks old

Here is Tanner, 5 wks old, he is up and walking, and getting more playful. He is full of kisses to!!! He has started on his soft puppy food and is doing well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cotton Blossoms Easy on the Eyes AKA CARLY!!

This is our Carly girl, our new hopeful, daughter of Sassy & Charlie. Yes, she does have eyes, they are just buried beneath her coat.. What a personality this little girl has, she is quite the little love, very playful, and is definitely a little clown. Sassy enjoys having her daughter to runaround and play with. We will be introducing her to the showring soon, and I look forward to it, she seems to have quite the show personality, so time will tell.

Pics of some of our Cotons at Cotton Blossoms

Candy Kisses
Candy Kisses is our beautiful girl out of Kayla x Madison. She is granddaughter to our precious Andy who has been placed. She is expecting her first litter with Charlie the end of Sept. We are sooooo excited and looking forward to what Candy x Charlie will produce. We are anticipating some beautiful puppies.

Alexa is another of our beautiful females. She to was bred to Charlie and we are anticipating beginning of October puppies.


Samson is our new hopeful, he just turned a year old and will be completing his health testing. He was CERF'd in June as was the rest of our coton gang and all are normal. What can I say about Samson, he is an EXTREMELy friendly boy, he thinks the world revolves around him. He has beautiful black pigment and nice structure.

Jade, she is a ham when it comes to the camera!!!

Jade, such a ham for the camera, she is our happy girl! Sometimes her tail wags so fast she gets her entire body going... She is the mom to Crosby, Baxter & Milo and Sydney & Coco, she has produced some gorgeous puppies.

Sassy, she is Carly's mom, my precious girl!

Our sweet Sassy, daughter to our first coton Chloe, and we have Carly (Sassy;s girl) to hopefully carry on Chloe's lines.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kayla's boy "Tanner" 4.5wks old

I wanted to thank Tucker's mom Janet for the suggestion of the name Tanner. I like that name and thinks it fits this little boy, so Tanner it is... He is 4.5 wks old and becoming more active. He is on babyfood and will slowly graduate to softened kibble before he starts on the dry kibble. He plays with the toys and is quite alert, he watches Jade';s boys as they are in the xpen next to him. I think he resembles his mother so far, he has light taupe on the ears and his pigment is coming in nicely, he should have nice black pigment. I only got one clear picture the others turned out blurry.... at least I got one.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kayla's boy!

Just when I thought I was going to get pictures of the little guy my battery in my camera goes dead.....arghhh. Well at least I got a few pictures of him. He is a beautiful little boy, I keep thinking of a name but nothing has hit me yet. Hard to believe he will be 4 wks old tomorrow. He is such a little guy compared to Crosby & Baxter...

Sydney comes for a visit!

Sydney showing us his talent with the ball, he loves to hit it off his nose and jump in the air.

Sydney sporting his beautiful puppy cut!

Gorgeous boy!

Sydney, Coco Chanel's brother, too bad he had to miss her as she was over visiting on Saturday. One day we will get them together again, they look so much alike. Sydney didn't know what to make of all the little white dogs running around, he was taking it all in.

Fun in the Sun!!

Oh it was a hot one, they were all pretty much hot and warn out taking a break in the shade. Here is Crosby enjoying some water compliments of Tracy, Sydney's mom. Sydney and his mom and dad came for a visit.

My Sassy Girl!!!
Oh what a face!

Carly & her mom Sassy!

Here is Charlie & Chloe, not the best picture of pics, the hot weather got the best of them

Oh, I think they could have tripped over their tongues, I usually don't let them be outside too long in the hot weather, but I was monitoring so they wouldn't become too overheated, and had plenty of cold water for them to cool off in. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Carly using the water bowl as a swimming pool!!!

My little baby girl Candy!!! She always has a smile