Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Monday, March 29, 2010

******Oh we had our first bath and are all nice and fluffy!!!!

They are all tired out from their bath and photo shoot!

The 2 headed Coton!!!
They had their first baths over the weekend and did quite well, they were just unsure of the thing that makes the loud noise, but overall they did well. Then of course I like to get my basket pictures. The little girl didn't think she needed to stay in the basket, she had things to do!!!! Now they are both little fluff balls.. They have beautiful pigment, coats and definitely beautiful smiles. Of course, they don't smile during the after bath photo shoot!!
They have been in the car a few times now and will get out more and more from now until they leave. It is supposed to be beautiful by the end of the week and we will go for some nice walks with them in the stroller getting used to various sounds and people.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kayla;s boy & girl!!

The 2 of them together, they play so nicely together, that are very happy babies and very affectionate. Their temperments are outstanding. They have been in the car a few times now and have been complete angels. They will begin to get out more and more, hopefully the weather cooperates and we have some sunshine.

Kayla's little boy!!!

Not as many single pics of the little guy, who may be names "Tater" how cute is that!!!
He is a beautiful little boy, just a LOVEABLE, happy,tail wagging little guy. He loves when I pic him up and just kiss his cheeks, he follows suite with kisses as well. Like his sister he loves to interact and give kisses to my adults...

*******Kayla's little girl!!!

What can I say this little girl is full of it!!!! She is exceptionally happy, beautiful smile, tail wagging loveable little girl. She definitely has a spunk about her and is getting more gorgeous as the days progress. She will be getting a bath this weekend so stay tuned for some after bath pics!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

******The picture of the Day!!!!!

2 very happy babies, it really doesn't get any sweeter than this!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

****Kayla's puppies enjoy the 1st day of Spring!!

The puppies turned 7wks old yesterday. They love the outdoors, when their little paws first hit the grass they took off running. Today, I didn't think I would be able to get any pictures of them the way they were running around chasing the stray leaves. We had a beautiful day today, but now it is supposed to turn cold and begin to rain.....

**********1st Day of Spring********

The first day of Spring and my gang was all smiles. We went outside for some playtime, we have an acre fenced in and they thoroughly enjoy it, they love to run, and utilize the entire area. I was surprised the yard was pretty much dry as all the snow melted just about a week ago and we have had some rain. As you can see they were having fun.