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Cotton Blossoms

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Enjoy the pictures, they were randomly taken and it appears Lilly makes her presence known in quite a few of them. I LOVE to take the puppies out in the yard and watch them run, explore play. My neighbors sure did get a kick out of watching them. It was such a beautiful sunny day, not hot, high 60's. I had the adults out beforehand, Capri & Alexa LOVE to play ball, they were having a field day. I didn't have my camera then, but I wish I did....
Enjoy the pictures......

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jade's puppies 1 week old!!

I am sooooo looking forward to watching these beautiful little boys grow. Now that they are a week old 1 looks different than the other 2 boys. However 2 of them are nearly identical. The one little guy has developed a champagne patch over his left eye. I expect some slight champagne from the other 2 boys as well.

Sassy's puppies & Jasmine's girls

Lilly has quite the personality, she doesn't like to be in the xpen, she has so much to do and explore. I tell you I don't know which goes faster her tongue with kisses or her tail. She is absolutely beautiful, her dark eyes, black pigment and coloring all compliment each other. Amy I can tell you this little girl was definitely worth the wait. She is going to be fun, loveable & gorgeous!!

Riley is absolutely precious, being the only boy in this group he is loving it. He has the sweetest disposition, and oh what a smile. His little face is wet in the picture that is why he has red spots. They had their first outing today in the car. They all did very well, but once we got home they were very very sleepy. They napped good and once they were well rested were up and at it. They like their free time out of the xpen to explore, runaround and play. Sassy & Jasmine's puppies play extremely well together.

These little sweethearts are 6 wks old today. I don't know where the time goes, they are soooo adorable. Desiree had her tongue sticking out and looked quite adorable laying their, I am glad my camera was handy. Destiny is getting ready for a nap, they had their first outing today. Destiny


Paddington & Baxter

Paddington is Jasmine's and Madison's boy. He looks so precious posing in the flowers.

Baxter is from Alexa & Madison, I can tell you there is no mistaken he is Capri's littermate.
It is always nice when we receive pictures of our puppies in their new homes. Just to see how happy and well loved they are melts our hearts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jade & Charlie's puppies born May 23rd.

Jade & Charlie had 3 beautiful all white boys. Jade delivered Saturday evening the 23rd. Very fast labor and the delivery could not have gone any smoother. This is something I always worry about. She is doing well, and the boys are gaining nicely. Jade is being a fantastic mother. I should say a very proud mommy to.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Boy 3

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun in the sun!!!!!

I took all the puppies outside yesterday. It was the first time for Jasmine's girls, I must say Desiree enjoyed herself, while Destiny wasn't so sure and I think she wanted mommy. Sassy's are used to going outside and was having a blast. I tried to get some pics if they stood still long enough. Lilly likes to go and explore and run run run. We have an acre fenced in so their is alot to explore but I don't let them out of my site.