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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's new!

The puppy stork will be making another arrival approximately July 23rd and August 15th. Alexa & Candy are both expecting, and Samson is going to be the proud papa. These will be our last 2 litters of the year. We are definitely looking forward to these litters as Samson is a beautiful boy, a wonderful addition to our breeding program and compliment the girls. We have our fingers crossed for a special little girl as well.

Cotton Blossoms Floyd

Another GORGEOUS Cotton Blossoms puppy. Floyd is the daughter of Kayla & Samson. This was Samson's first litter and we were quite pleased. Floyd's family is extremely happy with her and it appears the feelings are mutual as Floyd looks quite content as well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Macey 12wks old formerly Opal

WOW what a BEAUTY!!!! We had the pleasure of watching little Macey for a couple of days as her family had to go out of town. She is really a true beauty, as is her sister Zoe... She will be 12wks old tomorrow and is an absolute love bug..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there from our Daddy's at Cotton Blossoms!

Samson, not so much a ham for the camera, but what a gorgeous boy!!

Charlie, he is such a ham for the camera!!!!

Charlie & Samson, our 2 GORGEOUS boys!!!! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's, our boys including my hubby had a wonderful relaxing day today. We hope all the Dad's had just as wonderful of a day spent with family.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cute pics of Jade & Charlie, the parents of Opal & Pearl

Jade & Charlie are the parents of Opal & Pearl, now Macey & Zoe. The puppies will definitely mature into little beauties with gorgeous smiles. All of our cotons are just as happy, as they live the good life and have the best of everything.... We are very very blessed with our gang.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cotton Blossoms Easy on the Eye AKA Carly

Our baby girl Carly, she is 2nd generation, granddaughter to our first Coton De Tulear Chloe. She is the daughter of Sassy & Charlie and is personality plus. This little girl is just totally awesome in every way, yes, I am partial but everyone who meets her falls in love. She definitely has a clownlike personality, and is oh quite loveable. At bedtime she is all about cuddle time, and she gives the sweetest most gentlest of kisses. We are absolutely smitten with this little girl. We are planning her first litter in Spring of 2011.

Cotton Blossoms Zoe

Well what can I say about Zoe other than she is an absolute sweetheart. She is doing extremely well since her sister left, her and our Carly have become best of friends. Zoe is a very very good girl, doing well with potty training, she spends her time out with our girls and fits right in. When she is tired she asks to go back in the xpen so she can take a nap. She joins her new family Tuesday and we will definitely miss this precious little baby girl.

Cotton Blossoms Macey!

Macey formerly Opal has been with her new family since last Wednesday. She has adjusted quite well. We sure do miss her but know that she is going to be extremely well loved and cared for.

Cotton Blossoms A Royal Gem AKA Jade

Cousin IT!!!!
Jade in the middle of her grooming session. I couldn't resist the pic.Jade is the mama to our current litter, Macey has left for her new home and little Zoe will be leaving Tuesday. Here she is all dried and her hair up, now you can see her beautiful face.

Jade getting all cozy in the doggie bed

She is about ready to fall asleep, getting a bath really wears them out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congratulations to Floyd!!! She graduates puppy school!!!

Anyone following my blog has to remember Floyd, she is Kayla & Samson's little girl, yes we know she has a boys name but what a gorgeous girl she is!! We are definitely beaming at Cotton Blossoms as we received the news that another one of our beautiful puppies has graduated. Floyd graduated puppy school and her new family couldn't be more proud of this little girl. She is everything they had hoped for and more.... Needless to say we are quite proud as well!!! We have been quite pleased with each family who has welcomed a Cotton Blossoms puppy into their home, the love and care given to each puppy has been more than we could ever imagine. Thank you all!!

MACEY aka Opal

Macey formerly Opal is not quite as adventurous as her sister Zoe, she is a lovebug though. She resembles her mama Jade alot and should mature into a gorgeous girl. Her sister resembles her daddy and will definitely be a gorgeous girl to. Macey left for her new home last night, we will dearly miss her. I have taken alot of pics of her and will be posting those as well a few a day.

ZOE aka Pearl

Oh sweet little Zoe formerly Pearl. I have quite a few pics of the girls I will be sharing gradually. Zoe is quite the explorer and loves to run and is quite happy when she is carefree. Our little Carly girl is her little girlfriend, it is cute to watch them play. Zoe will be joining her new family Sunday and it will be sad to see this precious little girl go.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opal & Pearl

Ahh, the girls last night together and they both have new names. Opal is now Macey and Pearl is now Zoe. Macey will be leaving tomorrow and Zoe will be leaving us on Sunday. Always sad when they go, each are so unique and have such wonderful, loveable personalities.. I like to get a few good pics of the puppies together before they leave but Zoe was not having any part of sitting in the chair, so I am lucky I got this one. I will post more pics of the girls romping around on the deck, I have to resize them first. Enjoy....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cotton Blossoms Baxter graduates OBEDIENCE!!!!!!

A BIG congratulations to Baxter and his family as he has graduated obedience and looks quite pleased with himself. What a wonderful accomplishment for him and his family. He is the son of Alexa & Madison, what a precious little guy!!!

A Beautiful Cotton Blossoms Puppy Tillie!

Oh she almost doesn't look real, what a little doll. Tillie is the daughter of Sassy & Charlie, she has an extremely thick coat and didn't want her mama to put her hair up. I just love the "shaggy dog" look..