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Cotton Blossoms

Cotton Blossoms

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zuri's puppies 5 wks old!

Pure sweetness with these little angels!!!   Zuri is quite happy with her babies as well,   If the weather would ever get nice enough to take them outside they would have a ball romping in the grass and exploring.  

Arielle's boys at 2 wks old!

These little guys are so content and becoming more and more active!  These boys seem to love to cuddle with each other when they sleep, they are just precious!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zuri's puppies 4 wks old!

These precious babies are becoming quite active.  We opened up their area so now they have more room to romp around and play.   

Arielle's puppies 1 wk old

Arielle is so proud of her baby boys, she is such an attentive content mother.  The boys are doing fabulous, nursing and sleeping, their eyes should be opening by this coming weekend!!  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing Arielle & Giuliano's babies just 1 day old!

These 3 little boys are just 4 days old born on Saturday May 11th.  They are doing fantastic, pigment coming in beautifully.   These current litters are the first for our little French boy, we are excited to watch them grow and develop!

Zuri's puppies 3 wks old!

The babies are doing fantastic, becoming more active as the days progress.  I just love when they begin to interact with each other.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zuri & Giuliano's babies 2 wks old!

The babies are doing so well, they just opened their eyes this past weekend.  Zuri is being the best little mama and oh so proud of her little ones!

The gang enjoying a nice Spring Day!

Daddy getting some lovin from Candy Kisses!
 Our Chloe girl will be 12 in August still acts like a puppy!
 The one and only Giuliano!!
 Our dirty face Jasmine 10 yrs old, was grubbing in the yard and results in a dirty face!
 Kayla in the middle with her girls Arielle on left and Candy on right!
 Our Kayla girl, or K.K. as we call her!
 Summer Rose coming at you, with Kayla in the backround!
 Charlie loves to roll around and get cut grass stuck in his coat!!

The gang au natural enjoying some fun in the sun.   They just love these beautiful sunny days!