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Cotton Blossoms

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cotton Blossom Puppies since they left the nest!

ROMEO Romeo is definitely the love of his family's life. He is a Kayla & Charlie boy and is just precious!!


You can definitely tell that Milo is the son of Jade & Charlie. He has the best of both of them, his family is quite pleased with Milo as he has a wonderful temperment and personality.

Oh Henry!!!! He definitely looks like his daddy Charlie, he should grow up to be a gorgeous boy!!!
We love receiving pics of our puppies after they have joined their new families. It is wonderful to see how happy they are.

Kayla's little Guy 4wks old!

Oh what a precious precious boy!! He isn't quite as rambuncious as his sister, he has the most adorable face that will just melt your heart. He loves his mama..

Kayla's Girly Girl 4 wks old!

It is sooo difficult to get pics of this little girl, she just doesn't sit still, so I have to take them while she is either napping or lying down. She is a beautiful little girl, full of kisses and quite playful and active.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pure Sweetness!!!!

These babies seem to be maturing so quickly. The little girl is sooooo active, she is moving around quite well, her brother moves around as well and seems to like to cuddle with his sister. They have started on their puppy mush today, they seemed to enjoy the food and were pretty much covered in food, Mama cleaned them off and afterwards they had a bit of playtime and then crashed, oh nothing like a full belly.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kayla's puppies 3 wks old!

Kayla's puppies are 3 wks old already, I found some new frame kits and have been experimenting with different frames. It has been fun especially when I have such beautiful subjects to work with. These little ones are getting quite active, interating with each other and quite curious about the new toys they receive. They are up walking around and have been moved into the family room now from the bedroom where the most activity is. They are gorgeous puppies, nice thick coats, and gorgeous pigment and with all of our litters I am so looking forward to watching them develop.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Lulu

Our precious little Lulu left for her new home on Friday evening. These pics were taken the night before she left. She is quite animated like her mama Sassy, she has very animated little antics. I had fun playing around with the frames, trying to have my creative side emerge....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kayla's puppies 17 days old

Kayla's puppies are doing fantastic, every waking moment they think it is time to eat. They are beginning to interact now that their eyes are open and halfway up, maybe by the weekend they will be up on all 4's.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kayla's puppies at 11 days old!

These puppies are the nursing machines, they are quite solid and strong. The little girl has had her eyes opened for a couple days now and the little guys is just now opening. Their pigment is coming in beautifully. I am looking forward to watching them grow, I am anxious to see if the little guy is going to resemble his grandfather Andy. What a gorgeous precious boy he is, he has since been placed and is now someone else's "Baby"

Be my Valentine!

Henry, Tillie & Lumiere(cupid) are joining their families tomorrow. Lulu joins her new family next weekend. Oh, we will miss these little ones dearly, they have been such a good litter. Henry being Mr Loverboy, Tillie loves her cuddle time and has a tendency to keep her eyes on you and Lumiere, he loves his toys and has to find the perfect spot that his littermates won't take his toy. They all have wonderful dispositions and should make their new families quite happy. Lulu will be wondering, where did they all go, but will have her mommy a week longer to harrass.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tucker turns a year old!

Tucker and his littermates turned a year old January 2nd. We received these pics of Tucker and just couldn't help but share, what a gorgeous boy!!! Tucker is the uncle to Sassy's puppies, and he definitely inherited his mama Chloe's gorgeous eyes. We find it so heartwarming to receive updates and pictures of our puppies once they have gone to their forever homes. To see how happy and well adjusted they are and loved is priceless.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kayla's puppies 4 days old




Kayla;s puppies are doing fantastic, they have hearty appetites and are getting chunky.
Kayla is being a doting mother and is quite proud of her to little ones. This is Samson's first litter so we are excited to watch this litter grow.