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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cotton Blossom Cotons would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Candy's puppies 7.5wks old

Autumn Anonna


Candy's puppies love their free time to roam around and play. They are very loveable and kissable puppies. All 5 just get along great and play wonderful together, and when they sac out you may find one of Alexa's girls cuddled up to one of Candy's. All of them have quite the appetite's and do not miss a meal. We have separated their food into their own individual bowls, as we don't want it to turn into a contest as who can eat the most and the fastest.. Watch out, once they have full tummies they are ready for some playtime and then they will crash for a nap.

Alexa's girls 6.5wks old


The girls are as adorable as can be, Aphrodites has the most adoring eyes, and will just gaze at you so lovingly. Venus, she is a little mighty mo, while Aphrodites loves to explore and check everything out. They have been spending alot of time with Candy's puppies playing and interacting and they seem to love their area better than their own.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Candy's puppies 6.5wks old

They are growing tooooooo quickly, they are such good babies, we let all 5 play together and they are complete angels. They get along perfectly and we enjoy the interaction between all of them and they give us quite a few laughs with their little antics. Autumn continues to thrive, we had a scare a week ago as they get more active Baxter & Anonna may have been to rough with one of their play sessions and she hurt her leg. Off to the vet we went, nothing serious he gave her a pain shot and sent us home with some pain meds, but thankfully the one shot was all she needed she has been great ever since. I think now they realize to not be too terribly rough with her, however, she can dish it out to. She loves her playtime and will initiate it or join in with her littermates. We thought we would have to separate her from them when they were having a serious play session, but all is well. We find ourselves wanting to protect her, and we do make sure nothing happens, but we also want to encourage her and not limit her abilities as she grows by doing things for her and helping her. She really is blossoming into a precious little girl, she runs, plays and stands while she eats. Actually, she finishes her meals faster than her brother and sister.
Anonna has an outstanding personality as well, both her and Demetrius (now Baxter) have both Candy & Charlie in them. Charlie LOVES to be held with his chin resting on your shoulder like a baby. Candy well, she didn't get the name Candy Kisses for nothing. They are playful and loveable, and we love nothing better than coton kisses whether from the adults or the puppies!!

Alexa's girls 5.5wks

The girls are doing great, Venus is coming out of her shell and is loving her time out of the xpen. Aphrodites is quite the explorer, she is curious about everything. Both are little loves, Venus was not to responsive to the camera, she was not going to look at me no matter how much I tried to get her attention, she had other things to do. There is always one that is a ham for the camera and I must say it is her sister. Also, they were just waking up from their nap so probably not the time to be trying to take pictures. They are just so adorable, and have springs in their legs when they run, it is so cute.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Poster boy for Fall --Charlie!

I couldnt' resist taking the picture , Charlie was having a ball rolling around outside, and because we consider the Coton De Tulear a velcro dog, pieces of leaves were stuck all over his head, as you can see he was thoroughly enjoying himself!!!

Yeah, we got to play outside!!!!

All these pics are of Aphrodites

Pictures of Venus below

Demetrius AKA (Baxter)

Little Autumn
She is really doing well without the use of her front leg.
She is an absolute dollbaby, a tough little girl with the sweetest of dispositions, she is playful, cuddly, loveable and what more can you ask for.


What a beautiful day we had, 65 and sunny, we couldn't ask for a more beautiful day November 9th in Northern Ohio. The puppies enjoyed exploring and listening to the various sounds they heard outside.
I took more pics of Alexa's girls because I haven't been able to get any decent pics of them up until now.

Candy's puppies 5.5wks old

These puppies are becoming more and more active, we have to monitor play time with Autumn, as Anonna & Demetrius can be a bit rough as growing puppies can be. Autumn is an active little girl, but we dont' want any unneccessary injury to her leg. Regarding personalities, they are all little kissers, Anonna can be vocal at times, just because she wants to tell you something and will give you a ruff. Demetrius will give a ruff to, he reminds me of his mother Candy, pick him up and it is immediate kisses. They love their time out of the xpen and they are definitely fun puppies.