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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Alexa's girls 3.5wks old



Hope you all have a safe and spooky Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candies puppies 4 wks old

This pic was taken at about 3wks old, I just love this picture.

Oh these little ones are just precious. They are becoming more active and extremely alert. Autumn is doing quite well adjusting to her handicap. They are eating their baby cereal and all have quite the appetites, let's just say they don't miss a meal!! All 3 are relaxed when you hold them and are complete angels when it is time to trim the nails, let's just hope it stays that way.
Candy continues to be an excellent mother, she seems to not know what to do when they are sleeping, they are all clean and fed. She doesn't like to stay out away from them for too long.

Alexa's girls 3 wks old

Momma had cleaned their faces and they were still a bit wet. These 2 are tiny little girls, of course I didn't get as many good pics of Venus as I did of Aphrodites, so next time I will make sure I get more of Venus. They are doing fantastic, eating, sleeping, beginning to get up and walk. The girls look so much alike once I download the pictures it is hard to tell who is who.

My Carly girl!

Carly and I went to Orlando Fl for the Coton De Tulear speciality, it was a chance to finally meet people I have only met via email and to see old friends. I also thought it would be good socialization for Carly. We had a wonderful memorable weekend and are looking forward to the next speciality.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alexa's girls 12 days old

These 2 beauties are nearly identical, because of their beauty I chose the names Venus & Aphrodites... No eyes have peeped thru yet, I imagine by Wednesday we should be seeing some eyes. They are beautiful girls with quite the appetite. Alexa is a fantastic mother, she is proud of her girls and will lay there and just watch them sleep when she is done nursing. These 2 have legs on them, they can manuever very well.

More Candy Puppies

These puppies are just precious, the little guy is entertaining himself by laying on his back finding his paws fun to chew on. Anonna likes to move around and investigate, Autumn she moves around quite well to. They are as content as can be, never cry the only sound you will here is their little purring sounds they make..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Candy's puppies 2.5wks old

Bad timing for pictures, they were SLEEPY!! There eyes are open, they are beginning to move around better, but their favorite thing to do is sleep and eat. It won't be long and they will be up and running around. We will try again tomorrow for some wide eyed puppy pics.

Mother & Daughter, Chloe & Sassy

Chloe was our very first Coton De Tulear and just turned 8 yrs old in August. She is still our babygirl and will always be our babygirl.
Sassy on the left and her mother Chloe, I like to take my pictures outside because the lighting is so much better, but it was a tad windy so they are a bit windblown..

Our precious babygirl Sassy, she is pure sweetness.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our gorgeous boy SanDee's Cut Above aka CHARLIE!!

Our boy Charlie, he has the sweetest of sweetest dispositions, we are so lucky to have him here at Cotton Blossoms. He has sired some gorgeous puppies and is the sire of Candy & Alexa's puppies. We are looking forward to watching them grow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alexa's girls 4 days old

These little girls are doing excellent, and they can move. I was trying to get separate pics but that wasn't going to happen. They are great little nursers and gaining nicely, they look alot alike. I haven't thought of names as of yet.

Candy's puppies 12days old

Oh these precious babies are growing like weeds. All are doing fantastic, they are content as can be and I am sooooo looking forward to watching them grow. Their eyes will be opening in the next few days, then they will be able to see the world around them and begin to explore. They just grow too quickly.