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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lot's of pictures!!!

Yes, that is a mouth full of grass, the boys were having a field day grazing... Needless to say I immediately removed the grass from Crosby's mouth.

Milo & Carly

Carly was having a ball with the boys and vice versa. We had a beautiful day today, a bit windy but the temp was just perfect.


Oh what a face!!!!


Milo was having a ball outside, from running around to climbing in my lap... Such a precious boy.

Absolutely adorable!!

Baxter & Milo


Oh running like the wind!!!! She can fly.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kayla's boy 9 days old

This little boy is so good, quite content and Kayla is being the doting little mama. She is taking good care of him, he has doubled his weight and his pigment is coming in nicely. He should have his eye pigment before his eyes open.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brotherly Love

Baxter & Milo
Crosby & Milo

Baxter & Crosby

These boys are outstanding and they truly love each other. I have been trying to get some good clear pictures, but it is next to impossible. They either run when they see me or they are in motion and the pics are blurry, so this was the best I can do. All 3 have beautiful thick coats, nice pigment and OH, what little loves they are. They play so nice together, it is a riot watching all 3 with a toy each pulling on it making their little sounds. They love when mama joins in, she will grab a toy and try to get one of them to grab hold of it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Candy Kisses

Candy Kisses is the same breeding as Kayla's little boy below. We are planning on breeding her in the next 2 wks to our sweetheart of a boy Charlie. This will be her first litter and we anticipate some beautiful puppies.

Kayla's boy 3.5 days old!!

The little guy is doing fantastic. He is allwhite, and as you can see has a couple spots of the dark champagne coloring on top of his head. Most likely his ears will be champagne as well. His pigment is starting to come in, he was born with a couple spots of pigment on each side of his nose. He is usually quiet unless he can't find the milk bar immediately after waking. Kayla is being quite the doting little mama.

Jade's boys 8 wks old

The boys turned 8 wks old today. I think they become more precious as the days pass.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The puppy stork has arrived!!!! Kayla's little boy was born July 14th just before midnight.

Kayla never seems to quit amazing me. Tuesday July 14th started out fine, she had her breakfast her temp was 99.7. She didn't want lunch but ate her dinner. Her temp in the evening was 99.4. When the temp dips below 99 you know puppies will be on the way within 24hrs, per the textbooks. We were watching TV and I was brushing keeping an eye on her as she was lying on the couch. All was going well, then it was getting to be bedtime, Kayla seemed to be panting a little heavier than normal, with a little bit of nesting. No shivering which is usually what my girls do when the time is getting nearer, they will begin to shiver slightly at first and then it intensifies as labor progresses. Well I decided to rest for an hour, as I knew it may be a long night. Well I was not in bed 5 minutes when I thought no, I am going to stay with her in her whelping pen. Her labor lasted 2 hours, she didn't have any difficulties, the little boy was born, ready to nurse. That is always a good sign when the puppy is hearty from the get go. I dried him off, checked him over and all looked good with him so I let him nurse. I did not have an xray done, and I was anticipating another puppy, but to my surprise Kayla only had the one little boy. However, one little healthy puppy is truly a blessing. With a singleton alot can go wrong, the mother may not go into labor, the puppy may be to big to pass, so we are quite thankful all went well and ended well. Oh the miracle of birth, and we look forward to watching this little miracle continue to thrive and grow. Kayla could not be more proud!!!!

Jade's boys 7.5wks old.

Meet Crosby, he is all white and and absolute doll. He LOVES his belly rubs. It is getting difficult to get pictures because they always come running when they see me. I was lucky to get these couple pictures of the boys.
Baxter, the second born. Like Crosby, he LOVES his belly rubs. He is quite the explorer when he is out of the xpen and outside. He is definitely a Curious George.

Milo, the last born, such a precious boy as well. I would have to say all 3 boys love their belly rubs. They are just precious, they all have the sweetest expressions, beautiful coats and wonderful temperments. I love to let them runaround, exploring and playing, they are so happy with their new found freedom.

Crosby, Baxter and Milo's families are anxiously awaiting the day they can take their new additions home.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Carly girl!

Cotton Blossoms Easy on the Eyes, a Carly Simon song, hence the call name Carly. She is an absolute dollbaby, has a little stubborn streak when it comes to her face. I think her teething has her gums sore and she doesn't want her mouth touched. She was good with the bath except for the face. We are looking forward to watching her grow and develop, she has nice structure, wonderful personality and is doing quite well and has accepted her spot at the bottom of the pack. She loves to play with her mama Sassy, and can keep herself entertained. She does have supervised playtime with Jade's boys, the boys seem to love her as well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random shots of the boys outside!

Oh these boys have the most precious little faces, it is hard to resist them!!