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Cotton Blossoms

Monday, June 29, 2009

Romeo (Kayla & Charlie's boy)

We had the pleasure of babysitting Romeo for the weekend. He is maturing into a gorgeous boy. He has the sweetest disposition and is just a love.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random shots of Jade's boys at 5 wks old

Precious x 3 describes these little guys. They are getting more active as the days progress, and I just love to watch them play and interact and yes, I am guilty of climbing in the xpen with them and oh, the kisses I get, the boys love it to. They also love their tummy rubs to. They are absolutely gorgeous, Jade is a very good mommy I can tell you when she walks in the room after being out her boys know it, they LOVE their mommy. It just melts my heart watching Jade interact with her boys. The names will be coming, I like for the families to name them and I am narrowing it down to which boy will go home with which family. I am sure each family will be quite pleased, as each one is just as precious as the next.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lucy formerly Destiny went home today.

Little Lucy went to her new home today. We will miss her dearly but know she went to a wonderful home. We can now look forward to updates and pictures. She is a little doll, loved to run and play and just loved to be loved.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The girls love to play outside. Run run run is all that is on their mind.

Chloe with the girls, they were following her lead. Chloe was our first Coton and will be 8 yrs old in August. Carly is her granddaughter. As you can see Chloe loves to be outside to, they have plenty of room to run and have a great time.

Our Carly girl!!

She was having a ball, it is so nice when the weather cooperates as I love to see their smiling faces running around carefree having a ball.

I had to wait until she was still to get a good shot, this one of her runny full speed turned out ok, a little blurry but you can see how much fun she was having.

Now they are out like a light, all the fresh air and sun wore them out. They will be all rested and ready to go tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jade's boys 4 wks old, here are some random pics!

These little guys are absolutely adorable!!! They are up on all 4's, eating some puppy mush and are getting more active as the days progress. I love when they get their little bursts of energy and are all up and playing. Their little tails just wagging. I am looking forward to watching them grow, no doubt they will be gorgeous.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jasmine's girls 8 wks old!!! Too Cute

These pictures says it all, they are as precious, cuddly and loveable as they look. Just like stuffed teddy bears.

Molly formerly Desiree at 8 wks old

Desiree, now Molly, is a doll, she can keep herself entertained as she loves ALL toys. She is a little sweetheart, and if I am lucky she is in a kissable mood. She is a very happy girl, her tail wags constantly. She had her first bath today to, didn't fight, just didn't know what to expect and I think she was expecting the worse, overall it wasn't a bad experience bathing either girl. They both did quite well.

Destiny 8 wks old!

Destiny is a doll, she is playful, loveable and just a little darling. She is the smallest of the 2 with a big attitude. She had her first bath today and was just a little scared, she didn't fight just needed some reassurance it would all be fine. Now she is curled up next to her mama sound asleep.

Brotherly love!! Jade's boys are 3 wks old now

The boys are 3 wks now, quite alert, starting to get up on all 4's and love to cuddle together when they sleep. They are interacting chewing on each other, investigating any new toys. We are looking forward to watching these boys grow. No doubt they are going to be gorgeous.

Jade's boy #1 3 wks old!