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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kayla & Samson's puppies 1 day old!

Kayla's puppies were born in the wee hours of Saturday morning Jan 30th. Her little boy was born at 2:36am and she waited quite some time to deliver her little girl. She made her present into the world at 5:30am. Needless to say it was an exceptionally long night. Kayla and her puppies are doing fantastic, her little boy weighed in at 6.8ozs and her little girl at 7.3ozs. They are hungry little babies...

Comet AKA HENRY 8 wks old!

TILLIE 8 wks old!

LULU 8 wks old!

CUPID 8 wks old!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sassy's puppies 7.5wks old!

Getting pictures has been a real challenge unless they are lying down. They are fast on their feet and love to run chasing each other. Comet is an absolute lovebug full of kisses and loves to play with his mama. Tillie is a little dainty dollbaby. She is a little gentle girl who loves to carry a toy and make sure her litter mates won't take it from her. Lulu is our explorer of the group, she is curious about everything. Then we have little Cupid, like his sister Tillie, he loves to run with a toy in his mouth until he finds the right spot to lay down and chew and play. He loves to wrestle with the others as well, they are little balls of fluff when they play.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Candy & Charlie's Anonna AKA ZOEE

WOW!, Zoee is turning into a real beauty. She is doing very well in her new home, quite intelligent learning all sorts of commands, thanks to her wonderful parents.

I will be getting updated pictures of Sassy's puppies, they are growing too quickly they just turned 7wks old and are are loving life. They love meal time, and all have their own separate bowls, as we do not like to encourage who ever eats the fastest gets the most. They have been exploring and gradually getting introduced to new things.

What's new

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kayla's litter, she is due within the next couple of days. She was bred to our Samson and this will be his very first litter, so we are excited to see what this combination produces......stay tuned...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comet 6 wks old

Comet was first born and he is the biggest of his littermates. He to has a big appetite and thinks he will help his littermates finish their food, NOT!! He lets you know when it is mealtime, once his little belly is full he will go into full blown play session. He loves to be held and give lots of kisses, and like his sister Lulu doesn't appear to have any fear, he is a tail wagging loveable little guy... We are enjoying this litter as we do with all of our litters.

Tillie 6 wks old

Tillie has those eyes that can melt you. She is a very dainty little girl, and has the personality to match. She is a slower eater than her littermates and we watch to make sure they don't over take her bowl once they are finished eating. These pictures just don't capture just how adorable she is. Her pigment is coming in slower on her nose but she will have a nice black nose and be quite stunning as she matures. It is amazing how each of the puppies develop from birth until 10 wks until it is time for them to join their new families. We have had the pleasure of seeing quite a few of our puppies once they have left and are quite pleased in their development.

Lulu 6 wks old

Oh what a face!!!!!! As sweet and innocent as she appears she is full of personality!!!! Tail wagging, into everything, loves to explore and check out new things. She is extremely loveable, and very very playful, and reminds me alot of Sassy as a puppy. She doesn't appear to have any fear of anything.

Cupid 6 wks old

Cupid was a very sleepy boy when I was taking these pictures. He is a small boy with a BIG appetite. When it is time to eat he sticks his paw in the bowl to hold it down and his head doesn't come up until his bowl is empty. He has a wonderful personality, loving and on the mellow side.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random pics of Sassy's puppies 5.5wks old

Oh they are cute as a button, and such wonderful puppies. They are on softened kibble, as Lulu is the only one with teeth at the present time, we will begin to go from softened to hard kibble. They love their food and do well finishing at each meal. After they eat they get a burst of energy and have a play session then they all fall down and take a nice nap. Sassy is such a great mommy, she loves to play with each of them and likes to spend her time with them. Cupid wasn't being too cooperative with the camera so their are only a few pics of him as well as Comet. Usually it is Tillie who has her head down and won't look at the camera.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sassy;s Puppies almost 5wks old!





The puppies are all doing fantastic, they have hearty little appetites and clean their bowl at every meal. They are eating softened puppy food and will graduate to kibble before long. They are all interacting with each other and it is fun to watch them romp & play and exploring new things.