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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cotton Blossoms Coco Chanel & Macey

MACEYWow hard to believe Macey is 7 months old now, where does the time go. What a beautiful little girl, she is doing extremely well.


Coco Chanel another Cotton Blossoms beautiful girl. Coco Chanel will be celebrating her 2nd birthday on Halloween. We just had the pleasure of babysitting her for a week, what an absolute doll she is.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Simone is available, she is an absolute dollbaby in every category, personality, playfulness, loveable, kissable, an absolute charmer. One would have to meet this sweet little girl to be captured by her beauty. She has delicate features, is definitely a feminine little girl. Here she is with her favorite toy.

Candy's puppies Duncan & Lulu

Here she is little happy girl Lulu!!! Oh my, this little one, it was a miracle just to get a picture of her. She is a busy body, definitely the explorer and had better things to do than take a second of her time for the camera. As you can tell she is quite the happy little girl. She met her family yesterday and made her long journey home. We will miss our little Lulu!!!
Sweet Duncan, he is an absolute love, such a gentle boy. Not the best picture of him, he is going to mature into a gorgeous boy like his daddy. He was so cute when you would say his name he would sit back up on his back legs with a big smile wanting to be picked up for kisses.... His new family is thoroughly enjoying him!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making dreams come true!!!!

These pics are enough to melt anyone's heart! Making dreams come true, this is something we strive to do with every puppy we place. Bachi met his new family with lots and lots of kisses. Yes we miss him, but it is updates, and pictures like this from each family that melts our hearts and puts smiles on our faces... Each puppy holds a very special place in our hearts...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lit'l Miss Chloe of Sandee's "Our" Baby Girl!

Here is a candid shot of our Chloe girl, she is 9 yrs old and more beautiful than ever!!! Chloe loves to be outside, she loves to chase the rabbits and is alert to anything going on around her. She is a very very special little girl, she is the one who started it all for us, our very first Coton De Tulear! We have her daughter, as well as her grand daughter to carry on her lines.

Duncan, Lulu & Simone enjoying the outdoors!

Duncan exploring, he looks like he was on the hunt, but he was just investigating the ground. Lulu, a busy body, never sits still to get a good picture, she has to explore everything!!!

Simone hears an airplane and is wondering what that noise is in the sky!

The 3 of them sure do love it outside, oh a puppy's life, just carefree without any worries!!! We love to watch them explore and investigate and run and play.

Candy's Little Man!

Not the best picture, but Candy's little boy met his new family yesterday. I was calling him little man, as his family wanted to meet him before deciding on a name, which may end up being Bachi, which means kisser and the name will suite him to a tee. He definitely takes after his mama Candy Kisses with the kisses! He had an exceptionally long day yesterday and was a real champ and greeted his family with lots and lots of kisses!! Hopefully, I will get pics of his homecoming that I can share.
Duncan will be leaving us Tuesday and Lulu on Saturday. We will miss these little furbabies!!! Simone is still with us and looking for that special home. Her brothers are doing fantastic in their new homes. Hopefully I can get more pics of the puppies outside later today. My camera doesn't take pics too well inside, the lighting just isn't right.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here's Daddy!!! Samson is the sire of both litters below.

Love this first pic, he was running at me and my camera delayed as he was running at me and he was just inches from the camera. He was romping around and must have a piece of a leaf in his coat.
Samson is a gorgeous boy as you can see with outstanding pigment. He has sired 3 litters so far at Cotton Blossoms and we have been extremely pleased with all of them. Not only did he pass his gorgeous pigment on but the puppies all have such outstanding personalities. He will take a break as Charlie will be the daddy of our next up coming litters in early 2011. Charlie has outstanding puppies as well, we are quite pleased with our boys, not to mention our girls!

Alexa's little munchkin Simone!!! She is 11 wks old now

Talk about expression, this little munchkin definitely has it. She can run like the wind and is an absolute dollbaby. We had high hopes for her to be added to our breeding program, but unfortunately that will not be the case. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

Candy's Duncan @ 8.5wks old

Duncan is a big boned boy with the most gentlest of souls. He is just a happy guy, as you can tell loves to be outdoors running and exploring. He too is full of kisses, this litter definitely takes after their mama. His family will be quite pleased with him as well, he has a wonderful loveable disposition.

Lulu Candy's little girl 8.5wks old

Lulu is just as happy as her little brother and oh what a face!!! She is a dollbaby, quite alert and quite the explorer. Her and Simone have been getting along great and having fun playing. She also loves to play with some of my other cotons, as well as her mama. She is a true beauty and will make her new family proud as well..

Candy's little guy 8.5wks old

This little guy is definitely a mini me of his mama Candy Kisses. He is a true kissing machine, and his tail goes as fast as his tongue.... He has kisses for everyone. My vet had to laugh because he was so full of kisses for her, she said he doesn't even care who he is kissing.... He is such a happy little guy, his family will be quite pleased with him.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The BIG Day!!!! The pictures says it all!! Boo Boo' family comes to take him home

As you can see it has begun already, the bonding is almost instantaneous!! I will let the pictures tell the story of pure puppy love.

Boo Boo after his bath

Ahh sweet little Boo Boo, the brother of Benson & Bailey, after his bath on Saturday. His new family was coming to take him home on Sunday, and it was a big surprise for Annika & Joey, as they had been waiting, and waiting and waiting and still didn't know this little guy was going to go home with them.....
They have been coming over, to help socialize the puppies and knew I had a waiting list and were anxiously awaiting for the big day when one of these little furbabies would be all theirs!!!